Perfect location

very close to the site of Delphoi!

In the village of Delphi, on a quiet street near the center, you will find Hotel Castri & Hotel Castri 1. Both hotels are ideally located to overlook the village and the surroundings. The view towards the mountains, the olive grove of Amfissa and the Corinthian Gulf is breathtaking.

Sightseeing: Delphi is a world-famous tourist destination and is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The Museum and the Archaeological Site offer visitors the chance to see the spectacular ruins of ancient Delphi (the temple of Apollo, the stadium, the ancient theatre, the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia and many more).

Trips: Delphi is a short distance from Arachova, an important winter destination of central Greece. One can also visit the coastal towns of Itea and Galaxidi. It is worth visiting the Monastery of Hosios Loukas, which is famous for its beautiful mosaics and it is one of the largest monasteries surviving form the Middle Byzantine period in Greece.

Delphoi Greece